The GAMA Sports Mission

Instilling Athletic Intelligence

We are passionate about giving true 1 on 1 feedback for all athletic skill levels and focusing on the individual using proven techniques. In addition, we take care working to build athletic prowess, passion, and drive in all our athletes.

We specialize in 1 on 1 and small group training in all aspects of softball and baseball. Teaching fundamentals through advanced mechanics, we incorporate athletic intelligence into our training programs. This means we are not only focusing on the mechanics of the sport, but also teaching the athlete how to think through situations and why they are choosing their actions, as well as how to apply the techniques learned in strength and conditioning to game day scenarios. We focus on hitting and fielding principles, as well as specialty positions such as pitching and catching

Our Story​

We came from different backgrounds and enjoy teaching all aspects of sports/fitness. Having our own children involved and excelling in sports, it seemed to be a natural progression to creating a path to athletic excellence.
We saw the need in our area to have quality training and fitness experts that could help athletes reach their goals at affordable prices. We want to see younger athletes drive to their personal best and succeed at their sport.

Meet the Team

Primary Team Members

Joe Fischetti, CSCS


More than a job, fitness is a way of life. Completing two Iron Mans, multiple marathons and triathlons, Joe applies the experience of his own training to the principles of training other athletes guiding them toward their own individual excellence. This includes all skill levels, from beginners to D1 college athletes, specializing in strength and conditioning, speed and agility and personal training.
John Forsythe



Secondary Team Members

Gabrielle Fischetti


Madison Forsythe


Tertiary Team Members

Gabby Britton
Tina Haas
Markus Cestray
Joel Dombkowski
Danielle Kochka
Monica Guercio
Lyndi Gareis
Julie DiLonardo
Dr. Eric Skvarla

Team Doctor